In a sense, you don’t really need to know anything about chatbot technology! Good bot providers like us will be able to take a brief from you and build a bespoke plug-and-play chatbot that will then sit on your website and work its magic.

But if you’re really itching for some detail, here are a few starters for ten:

  • Chatbots are automated programmes offering immediate responses to enquiries
  • They feature an application layer, a database and APIs to call external services
  • Bots are ‘trained’ with required data before they ever ‘meet’ a customer!
  • Training chatbots can involve using data logs from human-on-human customer enquiries to establish FAQs
  • Well-designed chatbots can analyse differently phrased customer questions and understand that they basically mean the same thing
  • Using smart feedback loops where necessary can ensure exactly the right answers are given to the right questions! (‘Did you mean A, B or C?’)
  • Simply put, they’re AI tools (‘bots’) that use conversational techniques (‘chat’) to inform and assist customers while collating invaluable data