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Welcome to Gabba, a chat marketing agency with offices in London and Manchester. Our mission to improve the conversations businesses and organizations have with their customers and stakeholders. We do this through chat marketing, which is the study and management of relationships and conversations over chat platforms.

What We Do

Companies and organizations come to us when traditional methods of communication aren’t working as well as they once did. Chat messaging platforms are the fastest-growing form of communication right now, and will be the primary communication channel by 2025.

Here are just a few of the things we do:


Automated messaging programs that simulate conversation, enage and drive sales

SMS Marketing

Reach people on the go. Customize & automate campaigns. Track campaign conversion rates.

Facebook Messenger

Messenger strategy. Achieve open rates of 60% – 90%, increase engagement and sales.


Using A.I. to build intelligence across the chat experience.

Live Chat

24/7 customer service and sales support . Engage the customer in the experience.

Omni Channel Strategy

Integrated strategy and solutions for your business across all platforms.

Drive Sales Growth,
Increase The Pipeline

Convert more website traffic. Shorten the sales cycle. Connect sales with leads faster. Book more sales meetings. Generate qualified leads without forms. Personalise sales conversations.


Customer Service

Automate transnational processes. Reduce human error. Personalize engagement. Remove forms – make the process smoother.

The Future of Ecommerce: Why Chatbots are Essential

9 Tactics to Drive Sales & Improve the Shopping Experience


Conversation drives sales. It makes sense that ecommerce organisations understand the very best way to have those conversations. This White Paper has been written specially for ecommerce organisations to highlight this changing market, to discuss the role of chat marketing and to unpick the misunderstanding of ‘what is a chatbot’.

Active Users Chat Messaging Platforms per Month

Soruce: Hootsuite July 2019


FB Messenger



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