Dental Chatbots for Your Practice

Ever wish your Dental Surgery did customer service and booked appoitments 24/7

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WhatsApp: Your direct connection to your customers.

Forge lasting customer connections: Messenger delivers your message directly, building authentic relationships for sustainable growth.

Turn online enquirers into new patients

Enquiry response time is all-important in the competitive world of dentistry – research shows that even a five-minute delay responding to an online enquirer can mean you’re 10 times more likely to lose that lead!

That’s where Gabba’s Dental Chatbot comes in – a powerful tool asking enquirers the right questions that turns them into new patients!

Dentist chatbot
Dentist chatbot

Dental appointments booked automatically, 24/7!

Our Dental Chatbot runs smoothly on your website, working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, answering enquirers’ questions but also booking them in for appointments.

Answer FAQS online – no humans required!

Many enquirers have exactly the same questions when they’re looking for a new dentist – from opening times and services offered through car parking to extra care for nervous patients, children, people with disabilities and so on.

All of these can be answered quickly and effectively online with our Dental Chatbot, saving you staff time and money while giving enquirers a great service and turning them into new patients!

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Dentist chatbot

Promote your additional services easily online.

In addition to answering FAQs and booking appointments, our Dental Surgery Chatbot can also promote other services online using text, images and video – whether that’s teeth whitening, straightening or showing new patients how to deal with anxiety.